Miramar Beach

Sunset view of Miramar Beach

The beautiful Miramar Beach is often confused with Destin, and while it is considered to be part of the greater Destin area having a similar history, it does have its own distinct attractions, magic, and even its own special history, though brief.

Dating back to the seventh century AD, artifacts found in Destin confirmed that American Indians survived on the land, living off of the seafood found in abundance on the gulf coast. 900 years later, spanish divers were still discovering ship wreckage in the gulf’s waters.

Around 1845, Leonard Destin ventured away from his home in New London, Connecticut and settled at Moreno Point in Northwest Florida. For decades to come, he and his descendants would navigate and fish the channel between Pensacola and Panama City in waters surrounding as the Choctawhatchee Bay, now known as Destin’s East Pass. According to The Destin Log, “Leonard Destin was among members of the Destin family who had sailed to Key West in 1835 to extend the fishing season, and opted to remain in the area, fishing at various places along the Gulf of Mexico. In 1851, he married Martha McCollum, and they made their home in Orleans Parish, La, before returning to Moreno Point.”

Around this time in 1862, President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act of 1862 into law which granted up to 160 acres of free land to anyone who lived on a piece of property for five years and made continual improvements to the land. This meant numerous land lots were available around the Choctawhatchee Bay and many immigrants began to migrate from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama.

At the time, Miramar Beach was known as Shoals, Florida and the first post office was established in 1915 but soon after in 1919, the post office merged with the Santa Rosa Post Office. Shoals expanded over time and grew into a citrus farming community until 1924 when a citrus canker wiped the land of its citrus and Shoals was abandoned by most of its farmers. Its name soon changed to Miramar Beach and eventually developed into the laid-back beachside town that it is today.

Today, Miramar Beach is full of retail shopping, family friendly attractions, and of course a beautiful beach. With activities such as parasailing, dolphin tours, arcades, a gulfarium, and water parks all within a few miles of Miramar, there is fun for everyone! It is home to many unique fine dining restaurants and upscale retail boutiques. A mix of fancy and family friendly, Miramar Beach is a destination that vacationers can’t pass up!

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Ken Spivey, the Pilot

Ability +  Preparation + Integrity +  Relationship = Service

This is more than just a string of buzz words. Service is at the core of Ken Spivey’s life. His family and friends will attest to his desire to serve others. Throughout is professional life as an Air Force instructor pilot, as a pastor, as a small business owner, as a hospice chaplain, and as a realtor; the desire to meet the needs of others has been Ken’s motivation! A phrase in the snack bar at his first Air Force squadron has shaped his life through the years—“If you see something that needs doing, DO IT!”

Without ability and preparation, though, service accomplishes little. Likewise, accomplishments without integrity may be quite costly! All these are key components of great real estate service; and they come down to having a close relationship with his clients. Ken recognizes that every transaction is a business deal; but behind every deal are real people, each looking for financial benefit! His goal is to help each side experience victory, whether buying or selling a “starter home”, or engaging in a multi-million dollar venture!

Every client is a unique individual, with unique real estate goals/needs. Ken wants each client to realize they are valued first and foremost as an individual. He treats every client with equal value, and brings the best of his ability and preparation to every transaction. Always with integrity as the foundation, he takes time to get to know his clients’ goals, building a relationship that allows him to serve every individual with excellence!

About Jimmy Sharpe—The Coach

After playing football for the University of Alabama and graduating, Jimmy’s first job was as an assistant coach for Coach Paul Bryant at the University of Alabama. He was there 16 years as a player and assistant coach. During the time Alabama won 4 National Championships and 8 SEC championships. He was instrumental to the beginning of the “Wishbone Offense”.

He left Alabama to become the Head Coach at Virginia Tech. Following some good years and some tnot so good years in Blacksburg, Jimmy moved on to several other coaching stops. Mississippi State, Pittsburg, Memphis State and finally to the USFL, Memphis Showboats.

In 1989, Jimmy and his lovely wife, Anne moved to Destin, Florida and began to look for an opportunity, for the next career. Through former relationships and local networking, the Coach became involved with several local real estate developers. He found his experience and skill set fit in quite well with these new opportunities. He discovered that whether in the past or in the present, he was building something tangible, putting people together, and working together to achieve a goal.

In 1992, Coach Sharpe obtained his Florida real estate Broker’s license and officially started his second career. Along the way, he has worked for or collaborated with…
  • JAS Realty, Broker
  • Kelly Plantation, original sales director
  • Emerald Bay, original sales director
  • Emerald Lakes, developer, 253 single family homes
  • Bella Vita, developer, luxury condo, Blue Mountain Beach, non-rental
  • Emerald Lakes Commercial, developer

Then in 2012, Rupert Phillips invited Jimmy Sharpe to. join his HCB Advisory Group team to give some much needed special attention to overseeing and growing the real estate company. He currently serves as a broker for three divisions of Phillips Capital Partners—HCB Advisory Group, HCB Realty Advisors, and Halifax Homes Realty.

Meet Mary Washburn

Selling Specialist
Listing Specialist

Born and raised on the coast I have a strong background in Real Estate. Starting my career in 2002  I have sold Residential property and also have a strong background in commercial and investment property.   My passion for Real Estate and making sure my clients end up with the best result are what I strive for.  I pride myself on not just being a real estate agent but being a realty advisor.  Whether it is buying or listing your home on our beautiful panhandle I promise to give my clients 100 percent of my time and concern.